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Welcome to the Future
SCC Enginieering

We see ourselves as an engineering service provider and consulting company for your projects.

Good engineers advance modern society. Engineering expertise is the only way to maintain the standard of living and quality of life in industrialised countries and improve it in developing and emerging countries. More and more highly qualified technical specialists are required to protect the environment, solve energy problems and advance technology.

This is what SCC | ENGINEERING is all about. As an engineering service provider, SCC | ENGINEERING takes on planning, project planning and documentation tasks for major national and international industrial companies. Services are structured as service or work contracts, and can be delivered either at the customer's premises or at our own. We deploy individual experts or teams of experts to undertake tasks both nationwide and globally.

Those shaping the future must remain flexible.


We specialise in aviation, vehicle, plant and mechanical engineering, shipbuilding and shipyards as well as crane and steel construction.

  • Documentation (including testing manuals, delivery documentation)
  • Electrical engineering, electronics
  • Development and construction for ship design and mechanical engineering
  • Planning, production control, procurement
  • Project management
  • Quality management
  • Shipbuilding equipment (including Interior fittings, pipework planning/isometry/supply technology)
  • Validation
  • Electrics / Electronics / Communication
  • Development, design and calculation
  • Configuration and requisition management
  • Production and manufacturing planning
  • Process management
  • Quality management
  • Simulation, testing and validation
  • Technical documentation
  • Partial / project management


  • Development of functional components for moving steel structures
  • Development of static-structural support structure concepts
  • Creation of design calculations in plant and mechanical engineering and steel construction
  • Project processing and proposal estimation
  • Order processing with customers, consortia, consortium partners, subcontractors, suppliers
  • 2D or 3D visualisation to understand what’s happening. Product visualisations are more important today than ever before. We give your machines a three-dimensional, virtual "face" and set them in motion
  • We know our way around steel. Whether dealing with calculation or design, we’re keen to support you in achieving your goals
  • Our engineers can help you with industrial shed construction, industrial construction, pipeline construction and crane construction
  • We design and calculate customised products for you and offer straightforward technical support for transport and assembly
  • Our engineers boast ample steel construction experience and shall gladly share it with you. We see ourselves as an engineering service provider that adapts to your long-term business goals while supporting you quickly and flexibly
  • Energy and reactor engineering
  • Precision engineering, design engineering, production engineering or regenerative energy engineering
  • Electrics / Electronics / Communication
  • Development / Design / Calculation / Simulation
  • Development / Testing / Validation
  • Precision mechanics
  • Integration of electronic components
  • Configuration management
  • Design of tools and devices, special machines and test benches, assemblies (suppliers)
  • Conception, design and realisation
  • Quality management
  • Technical documentation
  • Partial / project management
  • Automation engineering
  • Electronics
  • Energy engineering
  • Vehicle electronics
  • Information technology
  • Communication technology
  • Microelectronics
  • Messaging technology

We are here for you. Engineering fields of work.


Our engineers research, develop, analyse, design, program, produce, advise, test and sell a wide range of products, technologies and services. As expected, our engineers’ fields of work are broad and diverse, among which we may highlight the following:

Research and development

Innovation cannot thrive without research. Innovation is paramount in Germany. Not surprisingly, engineers are in high demand for basic research and for maintaining and optimising existing solutions.

Design: from idea to technical realisation.

Design engineers are involved in the entire process, aptly applying their creativity and proficiency with CAD and CAE software. Production and maintenance concerns the use of machines, materials and staff. Engineers plan and monitor a product’s entire production process from an economic, quality and safety standpoint.

Assembly and commissioning

Engineers in this area deal with the construction and timely commissioning of machines, systems or entire structures.

Technical and customer services

Technical and customer services manage a team of service technicians to deliver timely maintenance or troubleshooting services. Engineers in this area work to ensure the contractually guaranteed availability of machines, systems or even software.


In the age of globalisation and worldwide markets, engineers are increasingly involved in the optimisation of corporate procurement.

Marketing and sales

Sales engineers represent the company and serve as key contacts for customers. Because products must not only be developed but also sold. And this takes salespeople who understand markets and marketing strategies, but also are technically competent.

Product management

Product and project managers are strategists with negotiation skills and a keen eye for costs and schedules. Because all that matters is the product and the project – and the team that stands behind it and plans everything.


Business engineers coordinate and control target-oriented corporate development. To that end, they advise companies and their management teams, checking financial statements, annual reports and innovations.

Personnel services

As a recruiting service provider for freelancers, SCC | ENGINEERING offers its customers experienced engineering talent under service or work contracts. When searching for candidates, we draw on our database of over 1,000 qualified specialists and external service providers. To select suitable specialists, we conduct extensive interviews, seek references and assess their qualifications. Last but not least, we retain good project staff by providing further training opportunities and offering close and personal contact.

As a personnel service provider, SCC | ENGINEERING provides its customers with experienced engineering talent under the German Temporary Employment Act (AÜG). Project assignments can last a few weeks or extend over several years. When searching for candidates, we use our database, job exchanges and external service providers. To select suitable specialists, we conduct extensive interviews, seek references and assess qualifications. We retain good project staff by paying above-average salaries, providing further training opportunities and offering close and personal contact.

We thus offer our customers:

  • Billing only for hours worked or project price
  • Short, medium and long-term provision of motivated experts to cover peak workloads and temporarily supplement the customer team’s expertise.
  • Staff reinforcement, synchronised deployment for the duration of the project
  • Secure contract processing
  • Full control over service commitment
  • Specific contact person for the entire duration of the project

Do you have any questions about SCC | ENGINEERING services or any other topic?
If so, feel free to contact us and we’ll gladly assist you.